Instantly increase your store’s page speed on mobile and web

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Faster site, more sales

Page speed improvements mean a better experience for your customers, preferential treatment by search engines, and ultimately, more sales for you

Optimized for mobile & web

Unlike competing apps that use techniques designed exclusively for desktop, our proprietary algorithm improves load times by up to 30% on mobile s well

Automated installation

Easy, 1-click installation process. No code snippets to add to your Shopify store


How does it work?

We use recent traffic data and other signals to predict what a customer is likely to do next, and instruct the browser to prepare for that action. This speeds up your website!

Who do you need my Analytics data?

We leverage historical traffic data from your Google Analytics to power our predictions.

Do you access and store all of my data?

No, we only store aggregated information for our predictions. None of your underlying store traffic is ever retained on our end. See our privacy policy for more information.

Why is this free?

We want mom and pops to have access to the same technologies bigger brands are using.